Why Choose Airbrush Wedding Makeup

Imagine you are painting a car. You want a flawless, even finish with no imperfections. What do you use? A brush? A sponge? Your fingers? Or an airbrush?

Of course you pick the airbrush because anything else would leave lines, edges and marks in the paint. Well the same applies to your wedding makeup, particularly with the advent of HD cameras and film which pick up the tiniest of imperfections and preserve them forever picture form. Even Iphone cameras are now HD, revealing streaked makeup and improperly blended jawlines on Facebook and Instagram.

At Secret Salon Carlsbad our whole team is specially trained in the application of wedding airbrush makeup. This means that your foundation is dispersed into tiny dots of pigment for a soft, perfectly blended finish. We can choose exactly where more coverage is required and use only a light veil over the rest of the skin so the look is not only flawless but natural. The best part? The makeup sets the moment it hits the skin and it stays there for 10-16 hours without fading. It's even water-resistent.

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