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Booking hair and makeup services can be confusing so we put together this list of frequently asked questions to help guide you through the process.

1. Who are you?

It's a secret!  Only joking, we are a team of hair and makeup professionals and by professionals we mean that everyone is licensed either as a cosmetologist or esthetician in the state of California.  There is a lot of confusion surrounding who can and can't apply makeup and style hair in and outside of a salon but according to the California State Board you must have one of these qualifications unless you are working in the film industry.  This means that that our team have completed a minimum of 1600hours (cosmetologists) or 600hours (estheticians) of professional 

training PLUS makeup school, airbrush certifications etc.  We have spent and continue to spend tens of thousands of dollars on our education so that we can make sure you look your best under any and all lighting, with any skin or hair types/conditions whether on camera, film or in person.  Better yet we won't give you herpes, lice or pink eye (yikes!) because our training covers proper sanitation procedures.

2. What exactly do you do?
We specialize in hair styling and makeup for weddings, film, and photoshoots.  This means that we don't just do updos and makeup once a month like your regular hairstylist might.  Instead we are constantly working on and practicing this very specific art form to make sure that you look the very best version of you on your big day.

3. Sounds good, how do I book?

First, let's check if your date is available! For weddings we require a signed contract and a deposit which comes off your total bill on the day of the event.  Until we have those your date is considered open to other brides and although we may be able to call you if someone else is interested in your date, we make no guarantees.  During wedding season it is not uncommon for us to receive 8-10 enquiries for one day (usually Saturdays) so we have to work on a first come, first served basis.  Having said this, if you have a trial booked and someone snags your date we will of course get in touch.  We don't want to waste your time and money any more than you do!  We are a team so we can take care of more than one wedding per day but even so, it's best to get in as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


4. Do you offer a day rate for filming, runway shows, photoshoots?
 Yes we do!  Please contact us with details about your assignment for a quote.  Our clients include Ugg Shoes, Axe Body Spray and L'Oreal but we also work on smaller projects and will try to work around your budget wherever possible.
5. I'm booked in-yay!  Now how do I prepare?
First things first, let's talk about your style.  We prefer people to bring in pictures than to try to describe a certain hairstyle as it tends to be a lot more accurate so get on pinterest and google images and explore.  Try to pick models with a similar hair texture to yours for styling and similar coloring to you for makeup.  Highlights will always make an updo stand out and extensions are almost a must for most people interested in a full half-up, half-down style so call us early to discuss if those are things you may be interested in.  Also remember that unless your hair is very good at holding a curl, you will look much better after a day on the beach or a night dancing with an updo than with a down or half-up, half-down style.

On the day itself you and your party need to have clean, dry hair.   This is very important if you would like us to stay on schedule.  The only exception to this is if you have booked a blow-out in which case the hair can be damp (if it isn't we can spray it).
Skin should be clean if possible but we can always give it a wipe when we start your makeup application (we don't like to go out in public without our makeup on either!).  
6. Will the hair/makeup last?
We always make sure to send enough stylists to a booking to ensure that everyone can walk up the aisle looking fresh.  Airbrush makeup also lasts much longer than traditional so you can expect 10-16 hours of wear provided you take sensible precautions.  Keep your face dry, catch any tears with a tissue before they roll down your cheeks and please don't take a nap on your updo!

 7. Should we tip?
If you really loved us then what would make our day is fabulous reviews on Yelp or ;)  For weddings and private events we tend to receive between 10-20% gratuity but while it is always appreciated, it is never expected.  
8. Two of my bridesmaids have changed their minds and don't want to get their hair done any more.  Is that cool?
That depends, are they on your contract?  If so then you will still be liable for the cost of their services unless you can find someone else to step in.  This is because we have reserved that time just for you, in some cases hired second stylists to take care of your group and will essentially be losing money if the booking is reduced.  On the flip side the contract is binding for us too.  If we score a free trip to Vegas, get offered a bigger booking or even win the lottery we will still be showing up on the day of your wedding.  Only natural disasters and hospital trips can keep us apart.  That sounds romantic, doesn't it?    


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