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The Hair of your Dreams!


I'm Interested in Clip-In Extensions

Whether you want to add volume, length or both our 100% Remy Human Hair clip-in extensions are ideal for updos, down dos and half up/half down hairstyles. They are easy to install, can be dyed, curled and styled with hot tools like your own hair and you can use them again and again. We have been using these clip-in extensions on our brides for over10 years! 


I'm Interested in Sew-In Extensions

Transform your hair effortlessly and keep your new look for weeks with our premium sew-in hair extensions, crafted from high-quality human hair for natural movement and feel. Whether you desire volume, length or both our extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair, ensuring a flawless finish every time. Book now and get great hair today!

Clip-in Collections


Why you will love our clip-in extensions.


Easy to Install

Just clip them into your natural hair and go!


Treat Like Your Own

Use hot tools, braid, tease and even color them just like your own hair.


Soft Remy Hair

Cuticle aligned to avoid tangles.


Blends Seamlessly

No one will know!

We go to great lengths...

... but you don't have to. You can choose a length close to your own to add only volume. Find your sweet spot by measuring down from the back of your head (in between the ears) to where you want the hair to end. Our clip-in extensions can be cut like regular hair and used with your hair down, braided, in an updo and anything in between. If you are looking to add length then be aware that ideally you don't want to add more than a third of your natural length. And if you have extremely thick hair and want to add the maximum length you might need two packs of clip-in hair extensions.

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Our Story

When we started doing weddings, we quickly realized that most brides want to use clip-in hair extensions either for volume in an updo, length and volume for down styles or just to help hold curl. The quality of the hair extensions that they brought to us varied wildly, from silky soft but eye-wateringly expensive, to unusable. The worst part was that sometimes we wouldn't even know they were unusable until we touched them with a curling iron and discovered that they weren't in fact human hair extensions at all but very good quality synthetic. Impressive and fine for every day use but not able to be curled or styled as the bride had intended. What a terrible shock on your wedding day! 


Realizing that we had the power of bulk pricing to negotiate, we started ordering sets of Remy Human Hair Clip-In extensions direct from the factory and selling them at an affordable price.   

After trialing them for several years on hundreds of happy brides, we are offering our top quality Remy Human Hair Clip-in extensions online. We want you to feel fabulous and beautiful in your own skin and with your own hair but if adding some of ours makes your day then we are so excited to be a part of that. Whether you are buying them for your wedding or just for fun, we are here for you from matching to ongoing questions about care.

We are a women-owned, small family business and we appreciate your support!

X Alice

 PS. I know that's a lotta kids. In fact, if you are viewing this on a cellphone then at least two got cut out of the photo! They're step, they're foster, their biological. They... just keep showing up Lucky they're so cute.

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