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Subtle, elegant lashes.

Encinitas Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists
Encinitas Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists
Image by Hayley Kim Design

Encinitas Lash Extensions

Flawless lash extensions meticulously chosen to suit your face and style. Our lash extensions are subtle and beautiful so no one has to know. Looking for something even more natural? Try our lash lift and tint. Your own lashes will be curled permanently and tinted so you look awake and refreshed from the moment you get up. Perfect for wedding day beauty or a vacation at the beach!

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Let us bring our your natural beauty.

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Here is why you will love our lashes.


Customized just for you.


Water and sweat proof.


No one needs to know.


Always beautiful.


We have three options for your best ever lashes.

Artificial Lashes

Lash Extensions

Individual lashes meticulously chosen to best suit your eye shape. Our lash technician will discuss with you whether a classic, volume or hybrid set will best suit your needs.

From $200 for a full set.

Long Lashes

Lash Tint

Perfect for the honeymoon! A lash tint will leave your lashes pool ready and looking gorgeous from the moment you wake up.

Add to your lash lift for $40

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Lash Lift

Looking for a quick and natural pick me up? Our lash lift will perm your natural lashes so they they are curled and ready to go for weeks.

From $180

Introducing Eve

Our lash expert

Giving women the beautiful, natural-looking lashes of their dreams is my passion. I customize every set for every face. People don't always realize how subtle a set of well chosen lash extensions can be or that we can achieve a beautiful new look by lifting and tinting your natural lashes.

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